” You wanted to destroy Sjava’s career” this was said after Lady Zama posted her pictures

Performer Yamikani Janet Banda is a household name, and she was born and raised in South Africa. In addition to that, she also writes songs. When she is on stage, she performs under the name Lady Zamar. She was born in South Africa on June 19, 1987, and she spent her childhood in Thembisa. Her birthday is June 19. Her birthplace was in the African nation of South Africa. Her place of birth was in the continent of Africa, namely South Africa. Two of the biggest reasons why such a huge number of people find her music to be appealing is the fact that she sings in English the bulk of the time and that she incorporates elements of house music into her songs.




When Lady Zamar filed a complaint against Sjava in the past, stating that he had assaulted her, the acts of Lady Zamar were met with disapproval by a great number of individuals. She stated that Sjava was responsible for her falling to the floor.

Lady Zamar lodged a formal complaint against Sjava following the performance that the two of them gave at the Royal Heritage Festival in Limpopo on September 9, 2017. She alleged that Sjava had abused her while they were both staying at the Porche-Villa Hotel and Conference Centre in Thohoyandou. The allegations were made in the complaint.

In a video that was broadcast live on Instagram and was split into two parts, the hitmaker discussed her previous connection with Sjava and detailed the circumstances surrounding her decision to accuse him of abuse. She also addressed the circumstances surrounding her decision to accuse him of abusing her. She went on to expand on the logic behind her choice to seek charges against him for allegedly attacking her before concluding that she would not press charges against him.

People had ceased working with her as a direct result of the dubious allegations that she had made, and they had stopped working with her. On the other side, she just just published some photographs to illustrate that they hadn’t forgotten about her, and people are still discussing the predicament that Sjava is in. This provides some evidence that they have not completely forgotten about her.