“You made your Business our business on your wedding day”: Mzansi not happy after Minnie did this

Minnie Dlamini has been trending lately after it was discovered that she apparently cheated on her husband with Edwin Sodi . According to the reports, Mr Jones who is Minnie’s ex husband found out about the affair and call it quits immediately. Mzansi has been saying it from the day they got married that Minnie just wanted to secure the bag and that she knew she didn’t love Quinton enough .

The pair have a beautiful son and even though it seems like Minnie was trapped in that marriage, the evidence are all pointing faults at her . Minnie once dated Itumeleng Khune who is the Kaizer Chiefs goal keeper and he paid a million for lobola, few days after lobola, they broke up . Many people believed that at that time Minnie’s family wanted money and didn’t care about Itumeleng’s feelings .


Minnie also released a statement after the rumours of her involvement with Edwin and she denied everything that the public have been saying . Although she was seen many times enjoying herself on his private jet with friends, she seems to be interested in giving a proper statement.Mzansi now demand that she should fill them up as they have paid lots of money in order to watch her wedding with Quinton. The day she decided to broadcast her private life, she made it everyone’s business hence they want all details .

I believe Mzansi have the right in this matter but she can not be forced to do something she doesn’t want to. Again, she has a child she have to think about .

Share your thoughts below. Kindly let us know what do you think Minnie is hiding. Could the allegations be true ? As MacG said, the “It” girls are always after money and doesn’t care who get hurt in the middle