” You Love AKA Shame, Unfortunately He Doesn’t Value Or Love You As Much As You Do”, Twitter User

She decided to post her first baby daddy, rapper AKA on Twitter yesterday and wished him a happy father’s day.

She also posted her current baby daddy, and partner Murdahbongz on Instagram. People did not take it lightly, and instantly called her out for doing what she did. They told her that she is disrespecting her current baby daddy and father of her child.


They asked how she would feel if tables were turned. Murdahbongz has another baby, with another woman, but he did not post the other woman on mother’s day. Some have accused her of still being in love with AKA, and trying so to act as though she’s only doing things for her child.

This is what she tweeted as a response

“May you remember your own advice when you face the same difficulties/situation that you judge others on”

Do you think she still loves AKA as some are saying?