“You look like the youngest” says a fan to Connie Ferguson.

Connie Ferguson is one of the most loved and respected celebrities in South Africa. Connie was born on the 10nth of June in 1970.


Connie is a Motswana actress and a very successful business woman. She started Ferguson Films alongside her late husband Shona Ferguson and their production company has created so many telenovela’s such as The Queen, The river, Igazi, Imposter and many other ones.

They also a show that plays on Netflix called Kings of Joburg and it is currently on season 2. Shona Ferguson passed on due to covid-19 complications and he left Connie with their two daughters and a grandson as well.

Connie also has a diamond company that is ran by a guy called Axoli and he currently lives with them. Connie posted a picture with her family and Axoli as well and fans commented on how beautiful they look and another said that she looks like the youngest.