‘You look like ghosts’: Kabza de Small dishes more makeup tips

South African musician Kabza De Small has rubbed his female fans the wrong way after sharing his thoughts on makeup. Heading online, the hitmaker decided to advise women to pay professionals to do their makeup instead of doing it themselves because they end up “looking like ghosts”. This did not sit well with his makeup-wearing fans who quickly shut him down.


Many of them asked him not to involve himself in things that don’t concern him. Especially not things like makeup. There were also a few who hurled insults at Kabza who many say looks older than he is.Kabalo Motha — stage name Kabza De Small – is a genius when it comes to music.

The DJ and producer has a number of hit songs under his belt and is generally very successful in the entertainment industry.The hitmaker recently headed online to share his thoughts on women and how they apply their makeup.

According to him, women should avoid doing their make themselves and rather pay a professional because according to him, they end up looking like ghosts.

“”So, with makeup, there are professionals who are there to do it for you, but you ladies have decided that instead of paying someone to do your face beat, you’d rather do it yourself, Yoh aii man, you guys look like ghosts with this self-done makeup, no stop it man.”