“You don’t judge Mseleku” Viewers react to Gogo Skhotheni’s polygamy saga

Gogo Skhotheni is a popular sangoma and traditional healer on social media. People have gravitated to her honest brand of marketing and it has resulted in a Moja Love show. She is still being quite honest and it may be making others feel uncomfortable.

The issue is surrounding her polygamy request to her current partner.

Gogo Skhotheni has laid it plainly that her ancestors want her to have another husband that they have chosen for her. She is also accepting that quest as she follows their every request on her life. Her partner isn’t exactly jumping for joy as this turn of events. He is rightfully upset.




Viewers however have been a little hypocritical about this turn of events. It seems the script being flipped on men has people questioning the authenticity of it. They believe she is just cheating which is funny when you think of shows like Mnakwethu and Uthando Nes’thembu. Is is only wrong cause she’s a woman?

Social Media Response

One user condemned this and wrote, “So you all are angry that Gogo is getting another husband, but you are cool with Mseleku helping guys get into polygamy? Double standards #gogoskhotheni”

While another user wrote, “Gogo Skhotheni should honour & respect her ancestors, if they want her to have two husbands so polyandry it is! 😜🥳🥂 Men have been in polygamy for years now, times have changed pls! #gogoskhotheni”

A final user wrote, “Haibo Musa Mseleku can accompany men week in week out but Gogzin can’t ask for is’thembu nyana (A little polygamy)? Suba week ndoda (Don’t be weak man) #GogoSkhotheni”

It seems to be that men think cruel behaviour should be reserved for women but this is not the case. No one should be made to feel like they must accept something they don’t want. I wonder what Monde will decide.

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