Years After She Breaks Up Jacob Zuma, See What Happening To Laconco Zuma

LaConco Zuma, Jacob Zuma’s baby mother and ex-wife, celebrated her birthday earlier this month with an opulent party in KwaZulu-Natal, attended by her children.

Lancoco and Zuma chose to divorce after only a few months of marriage. People are still curious about what may have precipitated the divorce.

Although many believed that the split would be detrimental to LaConco, this was not the case.






However, it turns out that the girl is a hustler who knows how to take care of herself.

On social media, Nonkanyiso recently shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her opulent birthday celebration. Her immediate family and friends gathered at Brahman Hills, KwaZulu-Midlands, Natal’s for the occasion, which was hosted by some of her closest relatives and friends.

According to images shared on social media, she appears to be self-sufficient and running her own business. Please have a look at the images to appreciate how stunning she has grown to be.

Nonkanyiso photographs include the following:

Meanwhile, the businesswoman and reality television star is recovering from a diagnosis of Covid-19 earlier this year. Throughout this difficult time, she has shared her story with others.

“I defeated Covid-19, and I’ve never had such awful agony or used so much medication!” she screamed.

She continued by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to have made out and healed, knowing that others did not have the same.

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed thousands of lives worldwide. They perished in great numbers in South Africa as well. There has been a decrease in the number of new cases, and the country has been placed on alert level 1.

However, rumors are spreading that the fourth wave is on its way, and as a result, the country will be placed on extreme lockdown. Many people are caught aback by this, as it will occur following the conclusion of the elections. According to some, the virus is a deception designed to deceive individuals.