Yanga Sobetwa’s new ride The Idols winner gets her first ride (ford car)


Yanga Sobetwa’s new ride
The Idols winner gets her first rideYanga Sobetwa became a star when she won the record-breaking 14th season of Idols SA.

As part of her prizes worth more than R 1 million rands, Yanga won a car but because she did not have a driver’s licence, she could not get it until now. Taking to Instagram, the rising star wrote:

“Let praises rise from the inside of me may you delight in the inside of me coz all I want is for you to be glorified you to be lifted up.” Take a look at the snaps below

During her time on Idols, Yanga has always been open about her spirituality, in an interview with Phenomenal Media, this is what she had to say about her spiritual journey.

“I’m a born again Christian, I’m not ashamed of it. I’m not ashamed of the gospel,” she said. Yanga believes that her relationship with God has played a huge part in her life. “You know, there are people who are famous and who are making it like real big, who are not born again Christians. But, the fact that I was groomed in Christ way before Idols, I tried to soak myself in his word, just investing time in the ministry… That played a huge role to what I am now.”

2019 is the year of celebrity cars, she joins the likes of TK Dlamini, Khutso Theledi and Lvovo who have all bought new cars this year. Take a look at some of the snaps below