Xrepo| “This wig looks heavy” viewers are not happy with this woman’s wig

Her children let her appear on television with it

She appeared on the show called Xrepo yesterday wearing this wig. Viewers were not happy at all. They say why would you let your parent leave her house with this wig, because it looks very heavy.


I have to agree that this wig is not the good one to wear on the national television. They even made the show more funny because of the things they were doing. Sometimes it is good to give your parents an advice about how they look especially when they will be appearing on the national television.

It is good that everything they came for on the show, they got it. Next time people should be aware of what their parents have and ensure that if it is something not good, do not allow them to wear it because it is embarrassing especially on TV.

Sources: https://twitter.com/zahMokoena/status/1589326104657297409?t=ZIDlEd7YDJCFv95xb9qudg&s=19