Xrepo| Mr X helps a woman to get her furniture from the Indian shops who the owner has passed away

Mr X came running to KZN to help a woman who bought a bedroom furnitute for her wedding, but she never got it from the owner of the shop. The new owner of the shop says the person that this lady bought her furniture from has died, and he will not be able to give her the new one.


This is when this lady decided to call Mr X to come and help her. When Mr X arrived to the shop, the new owner was not rude like he used to be. He was polite and ready to give the lady what she bought few years ago.

I have to say that these people are really scared of the cameras. If you come and complain without any cameras they don’t give you what is due to you. Mr X did a great job here for this woman.

Sources: https://twitter.com/Gobs_lwl/status/1602014002435035145?t=-J574wALzGMQxHKsFybmLQ&s=19