Xrepo| James did not fix Zolani’s couch for 4 years and now she is taking other customer’s couches

James does not treat his customers the same way

Zolani called Mr X that she took her couches to James so that he can fix them for her but he didn’t. It has been 4 years now since James is unable to fix the couches that belong to Zolani, but other customers who brought their couches this year are already being fixed.


Mr X was not happy with James because he was not serious and laughing at them. Zolani is way too soft with James, that could be one of the reasons she did not get her couches on time.

Me X and Zolani took the couches from James’s shop so that he can fix the ones from Zolani. James says he couldn’t fix the couches for 4 years, because he was still mourning for his uncle. James is just playing with people and he will lose customers if he keeps on doing this.

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