Xrepo| Eunice fetches her furniture from her ex boyfriend and he was kind enough than expected

Eunice did not expect it

Eunice called Mr X to help her and go fetch her furniture from her ex boyfriend. At the beginning of the show, Eunice painted her ex boyfriend as a bad person but when they got there it was not the same way.



Mr X and his crew found the ex boyfriend waiting for them, even packed Eunice staff. The ex boyfriend even dished out some food for Mr X and his crew. He was actually a nice man and couldn’t wait for Eunice to leave.

The ex boyfriend revealed that Eunice cheated on her with the man from next door. Viewers are saying that Eunice has lost a good and humble man. I have to say that Eunice should not have played with the Man, good man like him are rare to find out there. Eunice wanted all her furniture that she bought.

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