Xrepo: A man hilariously admits to being a male prostitute

Xrepo is a show on Moja Love that is meant to help people get their possessions back from those who owe them. The show is fraught with strange characters each week but none more so than the man we met this week. He was unashamed about sharing his… extracurricular activities.

His admittance brought about some hilarity to the timeline.

This week a woman wrote to the show to try and get back money she had loaned a former boyfriend. She also wanted clothes that she had brought him back to keep or sell. Of course it was strange to want clothing back after a year and her story kept changing every time new information was introduced.

However, her suspicious nature wasn’t the central focus for me this week. It was discovering that the man she was coming after claimed to be a prostitute. According to him, people in his area know what he does. He claimed the clothes were bought in exchange for his services and had me shocked.

Social Media Response




People found this to be a hilarious turn of events.

One user wrote, “Guy: the whole Cosmo City know I’m a male prostitute. I left that life for my new girl.

New girl: Uyagosha vele (You do prostitute) everybody knows that. #XRepo”

While another user wrote, “#xrepo Foreigners fighting for clothes… Hope says he was a male prostitute. The complainant says Hope is a foreigner as if She is not 😏They just wanted to be on tv, they are wasting X’s time.”

A final user wrote, “1. foreigner

2. Undocumented

3. Prostitute

Go monate (it’s nice in) South Africa #xrepo”

It was unclear to me why our guest wanted these clothes back if she claimed to have moved on. It might be that she feels like she was played by this man but this wasn’t the way to go about it. He is obviously shameless and doesn’t care about any potential consequences of his actions.