Xoli M claims that Bongani from Black Motion ruined her life

Xoli M is famously known for her song with Black Motion called Rainbow. Many people started to know her with the song. Xoli M has taken it to social media to accuse Bongani from Black Motion for abusing her physically, mentally and emotionally. Xola says she wanted to make it big in the industry but things are not working on her favour. Xoli also added by saying that she does not belong to Bongani or Black Motion.




She is hurt and now she has decided to step down from her music. She says that she was working with Black Motion and they have not been giving her the best treatment.

Bongani from Black Motion has been trending on social media since last night about him not being booked with his friend who is also his group member Thabo. It has been said that hey are going into separate ways.