X-Repo Leaves Viewers In Stitches As He Eats ‘Dombolo’ After Taking Furniture From This Guy

People find themselves in situations where they have to fight to get their property from the people who may be keeping it against their will, there are those who’s stuff is being kept from.them by service providers who are demanding a lot of money to release it, some happens to be just Bullying their ex partners, taking advantage of the fact that she is a woman and she can’t do anything, but Moja Love has introduced a show called X-Repo where they intend to be a voice to the voiceless, fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and bring back their items.





We have seen in many occasions when X and his crew go to collect whatever it is that they are going for, they usually come across difficult situations when the person is actually refusing to release the items, in some occasions they even call the cops or fight refusing to let the goods go, but on the most recent episode, X had the easiest job to do, he literally had nothing to do, he just enjoyed the steamed bread the guy cooked, he left with the furniture and his tummy was full after eating.

After arriving at Eunice’s ex boyfriend’s home, they found him ready and waiting for them, he told them that he was busy packing up Eunice’s stuff and he had everything cleaned up, he politely told them to bring the truck inside and started loading, he was the sweetest guy ever seen on this show, no fight, no shouting, he was just helping them get everything out of his house.

When they were removing food from the fridge, X saw some steamed bread and asked to have some when they are done loading the furniture into the truck, and indeed the guy agreed that they can eat, he dished up for him and they clearly were enjoying the food, after that he ordered that the microwave should also be taken away.

Source: https://twitter.com/i/status/1586374093154156545