Woman Did Unthinkable Things After She Went To Repossess Her Things She Bought 20 Years Ago In#Xrepo

Repossess Her Things That She Bought 20 Years Ago In #XRepo

Source: Hashtag #Xrepo Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode




A Lady that recently wrote to Mr X left mzansi talking in social media. The woman have impressed many woman after she did most unthinkable things after 20 years. A Lady wrote to #Xrepo because she wanted her staff back from her ex-husband. She break up with her husband 20 years ago after he started being abusive towards her.

The lady have told Mr X that she has kept the receipts since 2001 when they were still staying together. The lady have a kids with her husband and now she’s staying at parents house after 20 years of being married. She said she has tried everything but the justice system have fail. Her ex-husband was once arrested where he spend 4 days inside cell bit he still refuse to give her her things. She said she left the house with nothing but her clothes only.

This lady is the first woman who went to fetch her things that she bought 20 years ago. The woman have accepted the breakup and now she want her things that she bought with her own hands. Apparently their divorce come after the husband started to cheat with his long high school girlfriend. The man is now married to this woman and she’s living very comfortable life without knowing how the furniture in the house were bought.

Mzansi have reacted to the woman after she took her belongings including the linen. Those woman who knows the pain of other woman were on her side. Some understand that she has been working hard to get all those things together. She worked hard for the life that the new wife is living. She even remembers her shit from Stuttafords store.

The woman has given mzansi something to talk about. The moral of the story, is thay don’t be happy finding a house filled without knowing how it was filled.