Woman caused a stir on twitter after celebrating her 21st birthday. People are saying she looks 37.

Source: https://twitter.com/Jaresh012/status/1543946592276865025?s=20&t=YSGlCkrpqpViVqG9QOW_1A

Do you believe in the saying, “looks are deceiving?” If you don’t, you better start believing it. A twitter user recently caused a stir on twitter after he posted a picture of his younger sister who celebrated her birthday yesterday. According to the brother, she turned 21 years old but her looks say otherwise.


Tweeps have expressed themselves about those who were known as “ama-2000.” They are saying that most of the ama-2000 squad are ageing two times faster than those born from 1975-1999. In other words, A woman born in 1985 can look younger than a woman born in 2000.

Why is the reason behind this?

Majority of the people involved in this discussion blamed 2 things: Intercourse and alcohol. On the other hand, some blamed nature for this (climate change, increased temperatures, decreased quality of water).

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