Winnie Mashaba issues warning to her fans

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Winnie Mashaba issues warning to her fans
By MakhayaNews (self media writer) | 42 minutes ago

Dr. Winnie Mashaba, a Gospel singer and songwriter, has urged social media users to quit posting everything about themselves online. The musician stated that God was the only one with whom people should overshare. On Saturday, January 7, she shared the cause of her feelings on Instagram.

“Tell the All-Powerful God about it. Some of us once lived our lives in an attempt to impress or prove ourselves to others. We were inefficient with our valuable time. We nevertheless occasionally believe that we owe others explanations regarding our incredibly private lives. Do they discuss their personal problems with us? Once more, we are occupied with selling ourselves,” she said.

“Winnie continued by comparing revealing resolutions to excavating one’s own graves. We don’t know who’s who, so posting all of our resolutions and future plans on social media is like excavating our own graves,” she emphasized. Her fans sided with her on the issue as well

“You’re speaking to me,” Sologlam said. “I experienced painful lessons.”

Mella said, “Well said, Queen. You also appear to be rather lovely.”

Yvonne agreed and stated that Winnie’s message was important.