Winnie Mashaba had people talking after posting these recent photos.

Winnie Mashaba is a gospel musician and songwriter from South Africa. She also works as a presenter. She, on the other hand, is well-known for her music. Her voice is angelic, and the music is uplifting. She recently caused a stir on social media after



posting a few pictures from the wedding event. The couple is celebrating 15 years together, which is big because we know that most marriages don’t last this long. Her fans couldn’t stop commenting. Being a celebrity is hard in South Africa because everyone has an opinion on the things you do or post. We are happy to see Winnie Mashaba living her best life. She’s one of the gospel artists who shows us that you can come from nothing and become something big; all you need to do is work hard. December is known to be wedding season, so seeing people up and down is not surprising.