Will Pretty still stay with Lehasa now that she realized that he is not the man she thought he was

Pretty walked out on lehasa after he couldnt answer her question about Eunice’s testimony. Later when Pretty returned home, she packed her bags and wanted to leave but Lehasa did not want to allow her. He begged her not to leave. She told him that she couldn’t carry on living in the same house as Khwezi.

Pretty asked Lehasa if he still wanted his money from Eunice.

Lehasa told her that he wants her more than the money from Eunice. He continued to tell her that Khwezi was leaving soon and that she should not worry.




Pretty agreed to stay until later, when she saw something that disturbed her. She saw a side of Lehasa that she didn’t like. She was just standing there trying to figure out if she was dreaming or not. She saw Lehasa strangling Kgosi right in front of her.

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