Why Was Tamia Mpisane The Only One Who Did Not Wish Sithelos Daughter A Happy Birthday? Is It Wrong?

Just when we thought people are happy and are having this one big happy family and then boom this happens. Yesterday was a day like no other days, well at least for the Mpisane Family, for some of us it was such a boring workers day holiday.



Yesterday, the 2nd of May was Andile Mpisane And Sithelo Shozi’s first daughter’s 2nd birthday. And we all know that it was a Mazza because one thing about our fave Shawn Mkhize when it comes to her family she really does not mind spending. And as expected she threw a massive birthday for the little princess which was really cute but we could not help but notice something. Tamia Mpisane, Andile Mpisane’s wife did not wish her stepdaughter baby Flo a happy birthday. The good sister did not even bother to post a picture of the little girl whilst her mother in law and her husband were out here writing sweet birthday messages. This is what Tamia chose to post on her Instagram which was just strange

What makes us question this is because her mother in law, Mamkhize when it comes to Sbahle mpisane she goes all out, and always celebrates her, you really would not say that Sbahle is actually her stepdaughter, so why did Tamia not post the child? I mean it is her husband’s child.

Do you think what she did was wrong? Do comment here and share your thoughts