Why is Natasha Thahane deceiving the nation? OPINION

Why is Natasha Thahane deceiving the nation? OPINION

The media are both a curse and blessing in society. While they can be used as a form of different mediums to educate, inform and warn citizens about particular things that are happening around them, they are also a tool of perpetuating pure fabricates to the public, especially social media.


Living in the world of social media has afforded many celebrities the opportunity to earn money through campaigns and working with brands. For those who are lucky enough, they are elevated to brand ambassadors and permanent partners of the brands.

South African actress and producer, Natasha Thahane is a brand ambassador for a very famous skincare brand. However, this time, she is deceiving the nation, or rather to be precise, her Instagram followers.

She shared a story on Instagram stating that she had skin problems during her pregnancy, judging by this particular IG story the skin problems included breakages and pimples. Even after her pregnancy, she claims to have some breakages.

Zooming into this image, Thahane has a very beautiful and spotless face with only one pimple. Furthermore, Natasha is deceiving people by saying that her face had pimples and insinuating that she used certain products to get rid of them.

The actress seems to forget that she publicised her pregnancy and no single image or story ever indicated that she had skin problems. Even her baby shower images which were captured assumingly in the last stages of her pregnancy contradict her claims.

According to www.healthline.com, many pregnant women do get pimples during the second and third trimester due to an increase of hormones, however, this was not the case with Natasha.