Who ‘s more beautiful between Babalwa Mneno and Connie ferguson?

After an Instagram user compared Babalwa Mneno to Mihlali Ndamase, Babalwa responded, stating that it wasn’t right to compare them because she is 20 years older than Mihlali, so we decided to do so with a woman who’s almost her age, Connie Ferguson.

These two women have been in the spotlight for decades. Babalwa rose to fame after competing in the Miss SA beauty pageant in 1996, and Connie when she appeared in the SABC drama Generations in 1994.








Throughout the years these women have built brands for their selves and have become inspirational women in South Africa.

They are also known for their beauty and taking care of their selves. This is evident on how they look. When they say black don’t crack they are definitely referring to Babalwa Mneno and Connie Ferguson. So I believe we cannot compare the two because they are both beautiful in their own ways.



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