Who is richer between Makhadzi and Nomcebo Zikode. Net worth revealed

Makhadzi made headlines for being the first performer to sell out Botswana’s Aria stadium. Her musical talents were comparable to those of Nomcebo Zikode. Makhadzi is the current it-girl, but that hasn’t stopped her from building a fortune and living the high life.

However, Nomcebo Zikode’s performance of her hit song “Jerusalem” at the AFCON finals garnered a lot of attention. She or he received a large sum of money from the AFCON committee, which was flaunted on Instagram. We examine the concert tours, vehicle collections, income, and net worth of the two motivational musicians.

The original name of Makhadzi is Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona. Her first professional gig was with the street dance crew Makirikiri. They discovered their singing talent much later. When Makhadzi’s song “Matorokisi” became a smash in Mzansi, she became a household name.

Makhadzi Muimbi






After Matorokisi, Makhadzi was responsible for spreading the song internationally. Her music is calming, funky, and genuine; it really gets to you. She may continue to earn bookings from all over the world because to the attention she commands onstage. Her number of followers will grow.
The R50 million worth of Makhadzi’s online business in 2023 and the rest of his corporate empire.

Makhadzi’s vocal prowess has earned her success in a variety of ensembles. She is in charge of a prosperous and sizable enterprise. The singer just released a shoe brand called Kokovha and a frame cream called Madova. Recently, Makhadzi’s lifestyle has become increasingly luxurious. He frequently travels in million-dollar cars and drives luxury vehicles.

Five million rand mansion

In January, when she revealed her fourth residence through Instagram, the queen became a viral sensation. Mzansi was impressed by her frugal spending habits.

Makhadzi vehicles