Who Are Abdul Khoza’s ? Meet His Parents, Wife and Siblings

Abdul Khoza’s family has always been well-liked in South Africa, even before he rose to popularity. For one thing, his father, Stan Khoza, is a well-known unionist who rose to the post of national president of the Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union. Soon after, his older brother, SK Khoza, entered the entertainment industry, propelling the family name to new heights. Abdul may have ridden on the coattails of his brother’s celebrity, but the young man can hold his own in the entertainment industry.

Abdul has tested the tumultuous waters of matrimony once in his personal life, and we don’t think it’s a stretch to say he came out scalded. However, his marriage resulted in the birth of a daughter, Morafe, whom he sees as his greatest blessing. Abdul has a second daughter from a previous relationship.

Meet Abdul Khoza’s Family Who Have always Been In The Public Eye

Abdul Khoza is from a well-to-do family. His youth was spent with his parents, an elder brother, and a sister. Meet the Khoza clan’s members.

Stan Khoza

Stan Khoza is the Khoza family patriarch as well as the father of Abdul and his two siblings. The older Khoza has nothing to do with the entertainment sector, but he is well-known in South Africa for the essential work he does.

Stan’s lofty position as the Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union’s national president – a position he undoubtedly has to this day – would not be far from the truth in claiming that he was the first to put his family’s name on the world map. Because the Durban-based unionist is also a karate sensei, it’s no surprise that his two sons are black belt holders.

Lindiwe Khoza

Lindiwe Khoza has been correctly identified as Abdul Khoza’s mother. The mother of three, on the other hand, appears to be quite different from her husband and children, as she appears to prefer the tranquil life, far from the press’s radar.

Despite the fact that Lindiwe Khoza does not live her life in the spotlight, sources suggest that she supports her children in their various efforts and played a significant role in shaping her second son Abdul into the man he is today.

The fact that South African actors Abdul Khoza and Sthembiso Khoza have the same last name is no coincidence; the two have been proven to share blood relations. Abdul’s big brother, Sthembiso, is better known by his stage moniker SK Khoza. SK is one year older than Abdul, having been born on July 1, 1986, as opposed to 1987, which is Abdul’s year of birth.

Sthembiso Khoza Is Part of the Entertainment Industry

It is clear that the two are not only related by blood, as they share many interests. Sthembiso, like Abdul, works in the South African entertainment sector. He is well-known as a skilled television host, a seasoned radio broadcaster, and a well-known actor.

In 2012, SK Khoza made his acting debut on the set of iNkaba – the Mzansi Magic telenovela, where he played DJ Teeman. He is most recognized for his role as Shaka Khoza in The Queen, a South African soap opera.

SK can hold his own on television and radio, in addition to his acting roles, which have made him the heartthrob of all South African females under sixty. On Channel O Family, he was the host of Mzanzi Ridez, and he did a fantastic job. Abdul Khoza’s big brother, working as a field reporter for Vuzu’s Television Entertainment magazine show, reporting from the field, received widespread acclaim for his work on Goal Diggerz. He hosted the Mzansi Wethu dance show bounce in 2013, and he returned the following year to host the second season.

Working as a voice-over artist and an MC for Trans Africa radio is among SK’s radio credits. If you take away SK’s acting and hosting, the SA entertainer still has another strength: martial arts. The burgeoning actor earned his black belt by fighting his way up when he was just 12 years old.

His Love Life

SK is known for living the good life both on and off the screen, but he appears to be a little tight-lipped about his personal life. His Instagram account has shown a few shout-out messages he sends in honor of his children’ mother. SK, despite his portrayal of a heinous villain in The Queen, is a loving parent.

His Instagram Stories also provided evidence of him showering adulation on his baby mama Maddy, who is rumored to be his lover, on occasion..

Abdul and SK Khoza Have a Good Brotherly Relationship

Abdul Khoza and his older brother appear to have a tight relationship. Since childhood, the fiery Qaphela on Isibaya and the trigger-happy Shaka on the set of The Queen have done things together. Abdul, like SK, obtained a black belt before the age of 13, and it goes without saying that he had the same level of motivation as SK.

Abdul had previously chosen a different professional path as a firefighter and was doing well before big brother drew him into show business. “He’s real,” Abdul said about Sthembiso at one point. He claims to be well-known, but I can still call him.”

Towing the same career route, of course, increased the brothers’ closeness and made them even more distinct. When SK’s contract on The Queen was cancelled on November 17th, 2021 due to claims of abuse, Abdul was widely expected to take his position.

Sanelisiwe Zuleika

According to rumours, the celebrity couple had a sister named Sanelisiwe Zuleika. However, she appears to be similar to their mother in that her name is rarely used in public. Sanelisiwe Zuleika’s fans have speculated that she may be working in a dull job or that she is the type that loves her privacy.