“Which one is SK Khoza’s son” | Mzansi asks after Gogo maweni kids were revealed

Gogo maweni social media personality who has a large fanbase. It is mainly because of her carefree attitude and being flamboyant. Gogo is an influencer as well with a medical background. She is one of the well-known faces from South Africa. She’s also known for hosting her TV show called Izangoma Zodumo on Mzansi magic.

However she came into much prominence earlier this year when her Ex boyfriend SK khoza started acting weird on a viral video and everyone suspected her saying that she could have used some Voodoo magics on him since she’s a Sangoma.

This comes after she revealed that she broke up with him because he wasn’t much of a father and he always ran away from his daddy responsibilities.

“So where’s Shake’s son here?”, says a user after seeking Gogo maweni children.





In my point of view, I think Shakas son is the one at the back of Gogo maweni is he’s not that Light skinned.

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