“Where’s Siyacela?”, Viewers Claim That They Want Siyacela, See This

Now, we have a lot of reality shows in South Africa, so much that it becomes difficult to even keep up sometimes and for a lot of reasons, people felt the need to air out their opinions about the sudden change that happened on MojaLove.

As you already know, Isencane Lengane has taken a break and there is a very good reason why people are demanding more of the show.

The latest season had us hooked to our TV screens every time and if we are being honest, that is how it has always been with the show.

People never really complained that the show is boring or it is fake because one can tell that the cast decided to portray themselves just as they are.

There is no sugarcoating and this is one of the reasons why people have a problem with Siyacela, he just speaks whatever he wants to speak.



Siyacela is one person who gets on everyone’s nerves, he is probably the most hated reality TV star in the country.

However, recently people acknowledged that he is also one of the realest and this came after the whole issue regarding another show on the same channel, Gogo Skhotheni.

One probably remembers how excited people were when they found out that Tumi would finally be on TV.

People across the country knew about Tumi before the show and there have discussions about how she is different from other traditional healers.

She is not too different, but she decided to be more open about certain things, but then there is something that she is getting wrong, according to the viewers.

People mentioned that the whole drama regarding her marriage is just becoming too much, there is no progress from that.

They also mentioned that Tumi always about talks about how she will go about doing things, now that she is about to have two husbands.

Isencane Lengane and Gogo Skhotheni are unique in their own ways, it is genuinely hard to pick, but some people have made it clear that they would rather have Siyacela come back than to continue watching Tumi and her husband, which is unfortunate because we have only watched six episodes of Gogo Skhotheni.

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