#WhereisRachaelKunutu|Former Skeem Saam actress is still changing lifes today outside acting

Lesego Marakalla better known as Rachael Kunutu has left many worried in the past years after leaving Skeem Saam, we’re people hoped that she might make a huge come back in the show, after taking a break from the television screens which made her a name for herself.

But it looks like Lesego has moved on with his life because she was last seen as the On point health care ambassador, where she helps people with their health care status and also raping survivors, to join the organization so that they can we’ll be taken care if they become ill.




The character of Rachael Kunutu was something that many people are still talking about today, because it was educating youth about the things that they are facing in life where they are having problems at home, and they end up marrying old men so that they can take the care of them.

This is what was happening to Rachel and Marathi we’re the naughty Mr. Maphuthuma was spoiling the young girl with nice gifts which ended up in them getting married, but their marriage ended in tears we’re the two had to do horrible things which ended in Rachael running for her life.