Where is she now? Zethu from ‘Imbewu’ ( Nonsindiso Gcaba )

Born in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal Province, Nonsindiso Gcaba, first made her mark in the world of entertainment as a theatre artist according to Savanna News. Her journey began on the stage, where she honed her acting skills and developed a passion for storytelling.

From those early days in theatre, she would go on to achieve fame and recognition in the world of television. Beyond her career, Nonsindiso Gcaba’s life took a beautiful turn when she embraced motherhood.




Her daughter, who shares an uncanny resemblance with the actress, is now 8 years old. The bond between mother and daughter is a testament to their close-knit relationship.

Nonsindiso’s sense of fashion has been a subject of admiration. She effortlessly combines elements of Zulu culture with urban trends, creating a style that’s uniquely her own. Her wardrobe choices continue to dazzle, and fans eagerly anticipate her fashion-forward looks.

Nonsindiso Gcaba isn’t just an actress; she’s a woman of many talents. Besides her television and theatre career, she’s known for her guitar-playing skills, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Her multifaceted talents have endeared her to fans across South Africa.

Nonsindiso Gcaba taking a selfie and posing for a photograph at a desk. Image: Instagram via @nonsie_gcabah
With her flawless skin, undeniable talent, and flair for fashion, Nonsindiso Gcaba’s career continues to flourish. Nonsindiso Gcaba’s journey, from her humble beginnings in theatre to becoming an actress and fashion icon, serves as an inspiration to many.