“When You Don’t Have Money No One Hours Your Death”- This Man Died With ‘Oupa’ But He’s Not Trending

One of the philosophers once said money attracts you to love, respect, attention, and influence. When you have money, people start loving and respecting you; even if you say something wrong, they’ll support you because you have money. You even start to have more influence on people. That’s why you see celebrities’ deaths trending. It seems like people pay more attention to material things than the value of life itself. If you are poor, people won’t even feel moved by your death; they will just carry on like it’s nothing.





Since yesterday, there has been a trending story about DJ Somebody’s death. Yesterday, in the early hours, Dj Sumbody was on his way to a gig when he was fatally shot and killed. He was a successful businessman who owned multiple companies, one of which was called “Ayep yep.” This is one of the best-known clubs in the nation, and it consistently has a large number of customers. He was also a producer who was incredibly inspirational to a lot of different individuals. A number of well-known people, such as Thuli Phongolo, have expressed how profoundly his passing has affected them by saying that they are inconsolable. All over social media, people have been posting about him.

However, he didn’t die alone; he had one of his bodyguards by the name of Sbu, but people are only showing their sympathy and pain towards DJ somebody. If you check all over social media, you will see people crying about DJ Somebody, but only a few are talking about Anu. It seems like his death doesn’t matter because he’s not a rich, famous DJ and business owner. It is true that when you don’t have money, no one cares about your death.

Another example that shows that when you don’t have any friends, people don’t care about your death is the accident that happened yesterday. One of the deputy president’s bodyguards passed away in a road accident, but only the deputy president is trending. We are living in a sad generation that cares about materials and possessions. May their souls rest in peace.

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