When Capsys’ employees did not come to work due to their unpaid salaries, Candice blamed Katlego

Katlego and Candice were waiting for their employees to arrive at work but they did not come, only the manager came and he came late. When they asked him why he arrived late, he told them that they did not get their salaries. He also told them that the other employees will not come to work without being paid because they do not have transport money.

Candice asked Katlego what happened and he told her that it is her responsibility to pay the employees because she is the the majority shareholder.





Candice did not want to be a bad person, she kept on blaming Katlego with everything while she knew that she is wrong and Katlego did not care, he only wanted things to go back to normal.

Candice called the bank to try to fix the mess but she found out that their business has no money because Nonyane Airways didn’t pay them. Candice did not know what to do. Katlego was even thinking of using his own money to pay the employees.

Source: https://twitter.com/kayy_mabs/status/1576981264111845385?s=20&t=wJv3T7CHyK5NO0NM2-O3rA