Whatever statement Kelly made about Senzo got her on the wrong side of twitter, see the backlash

It’s been more than a good 12 hours and Kelly Khumalo is still trending on twitter, for the wrong reasons of course. It looks like everytime Kelly Khumalo publicly opens her mouth she says all the wrong things, some very reckless.

You will remember that she is at the centre of the murder of her ex-boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa even though she has not appeared infront of any judge.

Even though Senzo died at Kelly’s mothers house she hasn’t said much regarding the murder, but she continues saying and doing things that force people to throw their sympthy for her out of the window.

Let’s take a look at different tweets directed at her after allegedly claiming the late Senzo Meyiwa was a nobody before he met her. What would force someone to say such a thing about someone they once loved.



One clear thing about these tweets is the fact that people are fed up and want some sort of justice for Senzo and Kelly should be at the centre of that justice. If Kelly Khumalo did say Senzo was a nobody before they met then the question is since when does she dates nobodies.

The fact that Kelly is still free out there sayig whatever she wants to say about Senzo is an indication of an incompetent justice system we have. There are too many things that people would like to hear Kelly say about the murder, but she continues to disrespect him everytime she gets a chance.

It beats me why those close to her, including the ones that were present at the house would let her say things like these while she decided to remain silent regarding the murder itself. Her careless statements as well as some of her song titles have left people with the conclusion that she knows more.

If she is innocent then she is not doing enough to prove it.

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