What really happened to Siyacela from Isencane Lengane on Moja Love?

Many will wonder what has happened to Siyacela Dlamuka and his wife Thando Dlamuka, that is because on their last show they had announced that Thando was pregnant and she was doing Matric and Siyacela was thinking of taking a second wife which he later changed his decision, he had an affair with his Durban girlfriend Manto which he left Thando for months for.


They were realy having Marital difficulties at that time. It is said that recently after the season2 she has forgiven her husband as he presented her with roses and a teddy bear and candies, the fans could not really accept that. And now the fans are waiting for a new season which is being seen on the ad on Mojalove channel 157. And on the new show it seems that Siyacela and his wife have moved to a new place and are in waiting for the new baby. We hope Siyacela will change his ways and be a responsible father and husband.