What People Were Seen Doing When They Saw Dr Rebecca Malope.

Have you seen what the people did when they saw Dr Rebecca Malope? People have been showing their love and appreciation to the gospel singer Dr Rebecca Malope. People have shows their happy reactions when they saw Dr Rebecca Malope at an airport. The gospel singer had recently taken to her Instagram page where she shared a video of herself where she was seen standing with a group of people. The crowd were singing and singing one of her favourite song.




With caption: “We are celebrating all the way from the UK. This is a big win for the gospel industry and an even bigger win for the kingdom 9f God. Congratulations my son and thanks to. The metro FM Awards for acknowledging that traditional gospel musical is still moving the nation”, she wrote.

Dr Rebecca Malope is celebrating the success of one of her spiritual daughter named @Betusile who recently won the gospel awards at the music awards which took place at Mbombela stadium last night. Dr Rebecca Malope us one of South Africa gospel singer which has been in the industry for many years. The South African music awards was currently in UK, in a tour where she is celebrating her 35-year-old of being in the industry.

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