What Is the Age Difference Between DJ Tira and His Wife Gugu Khathi and When Did They Have Their Son

DJ Tira has helped make South Africa’s music industry one of the world’s best. South African entertainer Mthokozisi Khathi performs Kwaito, produces records, and DJs. His fondness for Gugu Khathi, who became famous after marrying the DJ, is well-known. Despite marrying in 2013, they’ve known one other for years. We discuss their love story and kids.


DJ Tira met his wife almost 20 years ago.




DJ Tira was born in KwaHlabisa, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, on August 24, 1976. His wife’s birth date is unknown. We only know she’s born on October 25 and that her husband brags about her.

Tira is older, but it’s never been a problem. Gugu is in her 30s and her spouse is in his 40s. Gugu Khati was born and reared in Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa, far from where her husband grew up.

Their 2013 wedding followed 18 years of dating.

DJ Tira and Gugu Khathi are South Africa’s prettiest duo. Despite their fame, they keep many personal details private. Probably due to his wife’s tight privacy regulations, which may have helped their relationship.

They met when DJ Tira was still unknown. 18 years later, in 2013, they officially wed. They supported each other through thick and thin. Tira credits his wife for his success, proving that celebrity marriages don’t always fail. DJ Tira dreams of getting old with his wife and kids. DJ Tira and his wife spend time with their family despite their wealth and busy lifestyles.

Not the first woman DJ Tira Wed

DJ Tira was married to Lale Ngcobo, with whom he now lives in South Africa. The marriage didn’t survive long due to Ngcobo’s nefarious plans.

According to their history, she used muti on Tira to keep him near her side. She allegedly went to a sangoma to create her spouse a love potion. Technique required DJ Tira’s dirty socks. His relatives knew something wasn’t right and asked questions. After learning of Ngcobo’s conduct through another sangoma, Tira filed for divorce in 2009. Two years later, the marriage was over.

Lale Ngcobo was last seen in 2015 working as a bartender in KZN. Surprisingly, Tira helps her regain her balance. DJ Tira wants to leave the past behind, so it’s unknown how the former pair is doing.

The DJ and his wife have three children.

Image of Tira’s kids

The singer and Gugu had three kids after 20 years of marriage. Their children are Junior, Chase, and Chichi Khathi. Junior is older, meaning they had a child before getting married.

The family always posts pleasant photographs on social media and seems to be having fun. DJ Tira’s two boys are following in his footsteps, with the first having music success.

DJ Tira on Son’s Music Career

Junior Khathi became interested in music after accompanying his father to the studio. He now wants to be a musician. He was 13 when he showed interest in his father’s job, and Tira took him to the studio. Tank the Rockstar is Junior’s stage name; he performs in South Africa and Swaziland. His career is taking shape, but his dad is unhappy.

DJ Tira wants his son to acquire a sound engineering degree. His son must finish school before getting into business. He wants to safeguard his kids from the music world. Junior’s proud father, a father of three, is willing to aid him. Junior can sing and rap, says Tira. Future father-son project collaboration is expected by Junior.

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