What did Lehasa leave Pretty in the contract had he been arrested?

Last night shocked Viewers of Skeem Saam when Lehasa was found not guilty for killing Fanie.

Lehasa was distraught and almost passed out from the anxiety. mavimbela made everyone wait for the verdict for an hour and that just sent Lehasa into overdrive because he was sure he was going to prison.


Lehasa woke up from on Monday morning holding two contracts in his hands,one for Khwezi and one for Pretty. He said those contracts stipulated things that he wanted to leave for them should he go down.

We were just wondering what he could left for Pretty since she is just his girlfriend.

We guess he might have left some businesses to Khwezi because,she has proven to be resourceful on that front. So maybe a part of Level Cafe and some trust fund for his unborn child,but what did he leave for his Pretty?

We assume some money to finish her degree as a lawyer and probably the condo and some of his cars. Pretty has never run a business before so it’s possible he didn’t leave her those. Also we assume that he was going to allow Malume to run the businesses with Khwezi since he doesn’t trust her.

What do you think?

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