Well known TV actor is selling sanitary pads from the boot of his car for extra cash

Well known TV actor Nimrod Nkosi is supplementing his income by selling sanitary pads from the boot of his car.

Nkosi told The Star that he now has a newfound love for the business and sells Long Rich sanitary pads whenever he gets the chance.

He said the Covid-19 pandemic has taught him and others in the acting industry that you can’t rely solely on your salary or source of income.

“Covid has taken us by surprise and taught us that we should always have access to planning and savings. We have some peers in the real estate industry in the industry, but we now have more in our stream. We recognize that it can bring in revenue,” he said.


Nkosi said he is also making presentations to women’s groups that sell these napkins.

“It was a lesson for me to understand how the female body functions as a male and to be able to better relate to women to better understand their anatomy. For me, this is a business and this is one of my products,” said Nkosi.

A former lingerie model, he is working to improve his business acumen and says he hopes to one day become an employer and prove that entrepreneurship is the way out of poverty.

Nkosi mentors young people when invited to social his media and interviews. He said he believes in “nurturing South Africa’s future”.

Source: https://www.iol.co.za/the-star/news/tv-personality-nimrod-nkosi-sells-sanitary-pads-from-the-back-of-his-car-for-extra-cash-77b639cd-40b8-4efe-a113-50195e442012