We lost one of Mzansi best actors in Sipho Ngema

it is still painful realizing we will never see our Mzansi favourite actor Sipho Ngema popularly known with his characters in so many Soapy such as Love specialists on Lokshin Bioskop,Tokoloshi,on Uzalo and so many more.He was the best actor South African can ask for.Each an every character given to him could him suit even when he was subjected to act as a big Thug Rambo on love






Specialists and He was also subjected to act as a person who can deal with Thokololoshi Mehloemamba on Thokoloshi.Sipho Ngema was one of the talented and dedicated actors of all the time.Fans feels like greaving for him can never reach a dead end he will always be missed and remembered,as lokshin bioskop can never be the same without our legend.He died during covid 19 pandemic.Counting his soul from those who died during lockdown it is so devastating and painful may his precious soul continue resting in peace