We are too focused on Eunice, Meiki is a free woman. Read more about what is happening on Skeem Saam

Meiki is coming out of jail and all hell will break loose. Those who wronged he will have to pay especially Melita Monama. As for Charlies, he ha some explaining to do about why he did not want Meiki to come out of jail.

Eunice on the other hand, is recklessly spending money that she did not work for. She even blocked Emkay because she wants to spend it in peace. She even asked Pretty to come and stay with her, she should not worry about rent because she will pay for her. Her money will soon run out and she will regret it.




Pax is hosting a party on Friday and it seems like there will be someone who will get in to trouble.

“Eunice is the new celebrity in Turfloop.” Said Tiny Seloane.”We are too focused on Eunice, Mma Maputla is a free woman.” Said Arsonist MDIR.

What do you think will happen during Easter?

Source: https://twitter.com/SeloaneTinny/status/1514284498279706631?s=19