“We Are Tired” || Skeem Saam Viewers Angry After Lehasa Was Seen Doing This At Court,

Skeem Saam is a South African award winning television soap opera that has been on air for a long time. It has been voted countless times as the best soap opera in the country and gained millions of viewers. Judging by the love it receives from viewers, it can be said that writers are doing a great job. The cast is always being praised for portraying issues that are hardly being paid attention yet people are going through hard times. This cast has a talent of sending messages that always impact positively on the lives of many people.





The cast was praised for portraying the storyline of homophobic where many people got educated. There are many people out there who still hate those who are homosexual and to some places they usually get killed. Let it be known there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing what you want and people should stop forcing others to live the life that they do not want. All people are allowed to live the life that they want without being made to feel otherwise.

It was good seeing the cast educating people more about this issue that seem to be problematic in the country. This time around people seem to be not impressed. Viewers had been saying for a long time that they want Pretty acted by Lerato and Lehasa acted by Cedric Furie to get married. It’s been a long time since viewers have been complaining about the storyline where Khwezikazi acted by Samukele Mkhize always gets away with what she want. The relationship of Pretty and Lehasa has come to an end after he told her the truth and admitted to killing Fanie.

After hearing this, Pretty felt that there is no need to continue with the man who is a killer. She is going back home and let him go however viewers are fuming about this turn around. They were expecting a happy ending but the cast dissapointed. On the other side some viewed say they are tired because the cast does not want to make Lehasa to pay for what he did. Twitter user ” Katie” said ” the court case has been a waste of time because you have made it clear that Lehasa is going to win” and another one said that they are tired of the court scene.

After yesterday’s episode seeing Lehasa crying and breaking down at court viewers were left more furious as they are not getting what they always wanted. As a result of this, some viewers have stop watching the soap opera and others are planning to boycott it, if the cast does not do as the viewers want, it will lose more of them resulting in loss of money. What is your take on this matter?, Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.