“We Are Not Together Anymore, He Is Free To Date Whoever He Wants” Says Ex-wife Londie London

After Londie London’s recent post on Instagram, it is safe to say that she has finally put a stop to the speculations surrounding her marriage. Londie London has finally called it quits with the wealthy Kwa-Zulu-Natal Businessman Hlubi Nkosi who is Londie’s ex-husband.

Not much is known about Hlubi Nkosi but what we do know is that he appears to have possessions of things that only a wealthy man can have from a fleet of expensive rides and numerous properties. I mean why else would Londie London get with this man in the first place?




The cause of the split is unknown but one could speculate that it is certainly because of the infidelity issues that Hlubi Nkosi was humiliating Londie London with. There was drama in 2019 between Londie London and Kim Kholiwe (Faith Nketsi’s close friend) when the 2 ladies seemingly were beefing over the same guy. There was even a back-and-forth on Twitter between the 2 ladies and offensive words were exchanged but Londie later apologized.

Later in 2020, it was reported that Londie and Hlubi are back together and they are even expecting a first child together and that Hlubi Nkosi also paid a hefty Lobola price for Londie.

What caught the attention of people this week was when Londie shared a post on Instagram titled” Thanks for the info in the dms. But we are not together anymore. He is free to date whoever he wants”. Alleging that Hlubi was possibly seen with another woman and someone was trying to make Londie aware that her man is cheating.

Wonders shall never end, the couple splits with 2 babies in their marriage. Londie is such a beautiful woman and it is quite baffling what kind of man would cheat on such a woman. However, we are confident that Londie will bounce back.

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