Watch : ‘This Is What Zahara Was Spotted Doing

Buleka Mtutukana known as Zahara has left Mzansi talking after seeing a circulating video of her on media, she used seen doing a dance while there’s no music on the back ground. She became famous some years ago after being spotted by TK Nciza of TS Records, who signed her to his label. Zahara’s debut album Loliwe was released in 2011. The first issue sold out within 72 hours, and 19 days later, the album reached double platinum status in South Africa by surpassing the 100,000 sales mark.

It seems like right now she’s going through something or people are just not judging well at all, but from what has happened in the past especially in the most recent videos when she was done crying on stage and performing or she’s drunk…many people are assuming that she has a mental breakdown and she needs to be helped ASAP.