Watch: The Queen actress Connie Ferguson skips and does the Nkao Tempela dance

The Queen actress Connie Ferguson impressed Mzansi when she skipped and did the Nkao Tampela dance at her home gym. Nobody has done the challenge like that before, and in a way, she revived it.

When more dance trends come up, the older ones fade away. Connie is a strong fitness fanatic. When she shares her gym videos, she is most likely doing cardio, especially skipping.

The Queen actress Connie Ferguson ‘Harriet Khoza’

Why skipping? She likes keeping her body lean and toned. Skipping is a great way of shedding those calories. She also invested in a home gym with her late husband, Shona Ferguson.

Both Connie and Shona were heavy on exercise. Seeing that they were both public figures having people see them exercising would’ve disrupted their workout sessions.

The Queen actress Connie Ferguson skips and does the Nkao Tempela dance

Previous TikTok challenges

Connie has partaken in many previous TikTok challenges. She has done the One Legge challenge and many others. She seems to be enjoying the social network TikTok as she is becoming a regular poster. She danced with Shona’s sister and her two daughters during one video.

Social media interest




The Queen actress Connie Ferguson

As a public figure, she had to create social media accounts to promote her brand. Previously she was more interested in Instagram. She posted more content there. As she grows, she is enjoying the more fun side of social media.

Gifts from Cici and Thabisile

A few days ago she received a gift from The Queen actress Thabisile and the singer Cici. When they gave her the gift, they told her they appreciated her. Showing love to living icons is one of the most beautiful things. A lot of people receive their flowers when they can never smell them.

The Queen Wedding trends

Recently the character played by Connie called Harriet got married on the soapie. Connie was dressed in the most beautiful wedding gown, and she looked gorgeous. All the photos and video snippets from the wedding trended online. The Queen is big on graphics, and they make everything seem believable.

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