Watch Somizi’s wild celebration on The River actor ‘Mabutho’ Thembinkosi Mthembu’s birthday party

Indeed Thembinkosi Mthembu could not ask for a better way of celebrating his birthday. The actor hung out with his friends and close family as he celebrated his 28th birthday before he went out for some drinks. Adding to an already fantastic day, he met with Somizi as they drank out the day. Undoubtedly, Somizi brought an extra vibe to the already sparkling celebrations that made Mthembu’s day a memory to remember.

As witnessed, Thembinkosi is not a calm and reserved guy, a character he portrayed as Mabutho in The River. In real life, Thembinkosi is a party monster who loves to enjoy his time with friends and close family members. He showed Mzansi a character so far away from what they are used to seeing of him on the small screens. He probably does that on his birthdays only.

Somizi celebrates The River actor ‘Mabutho’ Thembinkosi Mthembu’s birthday in a club.




Thembinkosi Mthembu

On his special day, Thembinkosi popped the champagne and ate the cake as he celebrated. The fine actor made sure not to keep it until it was 00.01 to celebrate his birthday. The clock ticked with him having a bottle of expensive wine in his hand. Later on, he hung with Somizi as they continued with the party.

The joyful media personality celebrated with Thembinkosi in a way he never imagined. He came to complain about people splashing his face with the birthday cake, hoping to get some sympathy from Somizi. He was so wrong as Somizi had other worse ideas. Upon hearing the complaint, Somizi poured a glass of wine on the birthday boy. The duo celebrated and laughed at what had happened as they finished the day well.

Mabutho is a ruthless and wicked character in the TV series that fans have fallen in love with. With his good looks and physique, Mabutho won the heart of beautiful Tumi. On several occasions, Mabutho finds himself in trouble and about to die. He survived, and he continues to amaze fans with his acting skills.

Watch Thembinkosi ‘Mabutho’ Mthembu’s wild birthday celebrations below.