Watch Skeen Saam on Monday and find out who is at the door.

Tonight Khwezi will find Lehasa and Pretty together. After this, she will be furious because a young lady in the town wants to take her man away, the same lady who she once held hostage just to gain Lehasa trust and there is nothing she can do.pretty and Lehasa are having an affair behind khwezis back. Honestly speaking ,everyone loves the relationship between Lehasa and pretty. What they have seem real and it is very much beautiful.


Observers of Skeem Saam accept that Lehasa is preferable to Pretty over Khwezi. Ideally, this time he would leave beautiful again, which was simply a mistake for many observers. What’s more, Pretty, who he plays, is still very young. A pretty bet could lead Mantuli into the clinic because she hates Lehasa so much.

What if khwezi post the video of pretty then pretty will have to be forced to kiss her career goodbye.

Who do you think will get married to Lehasa between the two.