WATCH: Ramaphosa Ally Was Boored and Thrown Bottles at In the ANC Conference.

When people hate you, they also hate all those who are close to you and those who support you. That is why they say my friend’s energy is my friend. Look at what happened to Ramaphosa and Jacob Zuma. All the people who used to live in Zuma now hate Ramaphosa because they think he’s the one behind Zuma’s arrest. Also, the people who live in Ramaphosa always fight Zuma’s fans because they hate their leader. That is why they say sometimes people just pass on hate without even knowing what or why they hate you.





Many people have been calling on Ramaphosa to never return for a second term. They claim that he has been in that office for too long and ever since he came, nothing good has happened but bad things. Most people are even on social media.

The media has shown their tiredness with Ramaphosa’s style of leading together with his team. Following that, they also hate the whole Ramaphosa faction. That’s what I meant when I said when people hate you, they also hate those who are around you.

One of the people who supported Ramaphosa through good and bad times is Mxolisi Dukwana. Many people hate him because they claim that he benefited from the CR17 campaign and they think he got posts because he’s close to Ramaphosa. Mxolisi Dukwana has been appointed the new MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. His appointment just raised chaos and made people hate him even more because they think he’s benefiting from the CR17 and getting everything he wants while he’s incompetent in the position.

On Friday, Mxolisi Dukwana was booed and chased out of the ANC meeting in Free State before he could even finish speaking. The moment he took the platform, people started booing and throwing bottles at him shouting that he must leave. In my opinion, the people who were doing this were Zuma’s fans; they don’t like him because he’s one of Ramaphosa’s close allies. It was not wise of him to attend a meeting knowing that it’s at the place where Zuma’s people dominate and don’t want him.