Watch: Qwabe Twins set the Botswana stage alight and as the crowd go insane

Former Idols contestants Viggy and Virginia Qwabe was known by their stage name the Qwabe Twins, received love from Botswana during their recent show. Our twins flew to Botswana to perform among local musicians and were wowed when the crowd sang along to their songs with ease and fluency.

Although SeTswana is an official language in South Africa, not everyone can speak it. Among Tswana speakers, many people can’t speak IsiZulu. Music, however, has a way of uniting people despite the language they speak. Even if one can’t understand the lyrics, they still sing along as the sound speaks to the soul.

Mzansi stars who received the love in Botswana

Recently the African Queen Makhadzi came back from a solo performance in the country. Upon her arrival, she was given an incredible welcome. She received gifts and praise from the royal family. Her fans on that side gave her a lot of praise and adulation.



Twin glow up

When the two were still contending to win Idols, they got trolled by Mzansi. People teased their looks and called them ugly. They received so much social media bullying. After DJ Tira signed them and started releasing hits of their own, they grew up. Today they are glowing, and their sense of style has improved. Money has a habit of cleaning a person. Money can take a person from rough diamond to jewelry status.

Qwabe Twins

Dating rumors

Mzansi created the rumor that the twins are actually in a romantic relationship. Rumors sparked as they are always together and do everything together. Even their car is owned by them both.

Mzansi alleged the twins are both dating Dj Tira on the side at some point. All rumors were rubbished as lies by both Tira and the twins. Under Tira’s label, they hav