Watch| People are talking after Nhlanhla Lux’s lawyer body shammed King Misuzulu’s wife.


People were left triggered after Nhlanhla Lux’s lawyer made a negative comment on King Misuzulu’s wife. He mentioned how he would not wish for his daughters to look like her because he says that she is obese. The masses were quick to condemn him because this is a sign of disrespect to the king. Other tweeps also mentioned the importance of being nice to everybody and shutting up when you have nothing good to say. “Maybe she has a condition”, one tweep said. A man’s preference should never be criticized, no matter what kind of body size his woman is.

Here are some reactions to this:


“Self hate products! African women especially in Southern Africa come mostly in that shape its all natural and beautiful kudos to the Zulu king for making a natural and traditional choice, to hell with imposed Western values!”

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