Watch out Funani Zwide unlocks the Jack Mabaso in him.

Once a gangster always a gangster and once a character sticks with a person’s identity even after moving on from one production to the other, this clearly shows that they are good at what they do. Vusi Kunene is evidence of such case, as he portrayed the role of Jack Mabaso on Generations as a gangster and he now stars in the Etv drama series House of Zwide and many can’t help it but still continues to call him Jack. Currently, he plays Funani Zwide on the new fashion drama series which replaced Rhythm City on Etv.




As the storyline unfolds, Funani happens to find out that her long lost daughter Zobuhle whom he believed to have died during the night of fire along with her mother is alive and kicking right under his nose, with a falsified identity. With the help of Nkosi, Funani confirmed through a DNA test that Onalerona Molapo, who is an intern at House of Zwide is his biological daughter being raised by Isaac Molapo as Onalerona Molapo.

This discovery left Funani with mixed feelings and he is in a verge of dealing with Isaac Molapo for keeping his daughter away from him for so many years. Tweeps are afraid that Funani who is a renowned designer will unleash his Jack Mabaso gangster character from Generations which he is famous for. Clearly Isaac Molapo and Faith Zwide have another thing coming. Indeed pain and betrayal can change a person, let’s stay tuned as the story unfolds.