Watch: Njeza and Hlelo kiss betraying Sbu as the beach party gets out of control on Uzalo

Uzalo is one of the most loved television shows that is on SABC1 weekdays, and it seems like we gonna have to brace ourselves for more entertainment this week.

According to the show’s social media page on Instagram, there has been videos and pictures whereby the show hosted a beach party.

At the beach party according to the video, Njeza and Hlelo kissed and betrayed Sbu as the party gets out of control on the show. We all know that Hlelo, is the current girlfriend of Sbu, and Njeza is a friend to Sbu, and currently, they are business partners after they were released from prison.





This party organized by the show producers is meant for Kwanda’s party, and this party is about to take down significant characters on the show, and after the show, many characters will never be the same as there is a love triangle looming ahead.

Many of the characters on the show will lose themselves in every way during the beach party, that’s why we say some characters won’t be the same after the beach party.

At the beach party, the guest of honour is both Nonka and Kwanda. Watching the video on the show’s Instagram page we see the two living life to the fullest taking motorboats across the ocean, then arriving on set with a red carpet laid for them and people cheering for them like they were a king and Queen.

How can you forget the Shlobo Tours ladies Mamadlala and Madlongwe, the two also had a very good time as they danced and lose themselves at the beach party according to the videos on the show’s Instagram page.

To watch the full videos, as there are many videos from the beach party you gonna have to click on the first link at the bottom of this article to go and watch what wearing down.

Watch the videos from the party on the source link below.

Source link: Instagram